Hey Seattle!

Our chapter of the Awesome Foundation is turning 2 years old this fall, and we need your help to make it as awesome as possible!

Here at the Awesome Foundation, we like to keep a balance between “crazy cool ridiculous” ideas (like a real-life Indiana Jones re-enactment — we're all jealous of the Washington DC chapter for that one) and more generally helpful projects (like an anti Seasonal Affective Disorder light festival). To celebrate our second birthday this fall we want to hear all your most crazy, inspiring, off-the-wall ideas for making Seattle a more awesome place. Think meat-filled piñatas for lions at the zoo and animatronic monster suits and LED balloon dance parties. Here's how it works:

We've loved being a part of Seattle for the past two years, and we hope you'll join us to celebrate. Stay Awesome, and make sure to apply!

The Seattle Awesome Foundation